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Monday, June 9, 2008


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Beyond the Garden of Eden
In a world of
Wandering souls
You were an angel
But your tender wings
Were struck one night
By chunks
Of falling star dust
You plunged into earth
Poor angel
I caught you in my arms
Took you home
And nursed you back to flight
Then underneath dark blankets of night
You would watch over me.

I summoned God one day
In silent prayer
I beseech
I wished to give you
My woman's love
My woman's kiss
But God will never grant
Sweet angels
To deign with human beings.

I cried silent tears
Feared my own delusions
To know I cannot have you.

I still see you
From afar
In one corner of the sky
Radiating light
Your wings gently guiding
Wandering souls
Into their heavenly abode.

I am still wandering
Waiting for the time
When God will set you forth
Upon this earth
As human
To save lost souls
like mine.