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Monday, June 9, 2008


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Beyond the Garden of Eden
In a world of
Wandering souls
You were an angel
But your tender wings
Were struck one night
By chunks
Of falling star dust
You plunged into earth
Poor angel
I caught you in my arms
Took you home
And nursed you back to flight
Then underneath dark blankets of night
You would watch over me.

I summoned God one day
In silent prayer
I beseech
I wished to give you
My woman's love
My woman's kiss
But God will never grant
Sweet angels
To deign with human beings.

I cried silent tears
Feared my own delusions
To know I cannot have you.

I still see you
From afar
In one corner of the sky
Radiating light
Your wings gently guiding
Wandering souls
Into their heavenly abode.

I am still wandering
Waiting for the time
When God will set you forth
Upon this earth
As human
To save lost souls
like mine.

1 comment:

caravanserai said...

We are angels
Flapping our wings flying around
Every corner of the Earth
It is paradise be part of it

Angels of heavens
Fallen ones like tiny cells
Rules they forget
Warming the Earth
So it is said

The laws of God
Be good be truthful
No sin no vengeance
It is His way
The road to heavens

We are angels
Fallen out of favors
Hard to earn it back
Many obstacles throwing at us

Yet the dream of paradise
In the deepest mind we believe
It is a testing faith
Of what lies beyond our eyes

We are angels
Fallen out of our times
The doors aren’t closed yet
There is still hope
When God shows His grace
On His children so He creates