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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


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I shall not fight the tides that go against me
I shall ride along with the rushing waves
I shall let the whirlpool swallow me from under my feet
I shall be swept by the currents in the midst of the sea
I shall set my sail to follow the wind
I shall not anchor till this voyage is done
When the sun sets far beyond the horizons
And seagulls fly south
I shall drift unto shore
For there alone is my home.

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caravanserai said...

Don’t go running
Into the realm of misery
You want it so you get it
This is politics
Where enemies smile with backhand knives

Words of the sea
Enslaving the evil doers
Yet they don’t get the messages
They still think they are the kings

The peaceful seagulls
Flying high with the breezy wind
Freedom and sacrifices
Learn it in its genes

When you open your eyes
The sea of beautiful sights
Through the windows
The glory of the rising sun