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Saturday, May 24, 2008


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If my only mission
On this earth
Is to warm the
Bodies of men
Then let this fire
Consume me
Burn my bones
Throw my ashes
Into the river
Of slumps
Let the history
Of men
Judge my deeds.

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caravanserai said...

When times are hard
When days sweat your life
Eyes of jealousy mind floating by
Thinking of the wealth
Luxuries beckon the mind

For a quick fix
Women always know where to find
Get the men spread their legs
‘Hold on brother till I am satisfied’

The ancient art of prostitution
Bringing it the society doesn’t ignore
The men want it to happen
The taste of the forbidden drives
Only these angels of the nights
They will do it for money
To live and be remembered
As men shared their exploits

The sin generates
The urge to taste
The forbidden fruit
Men go when money talk
For women a day to live

In the embrace of unity
Lies the sin of beauty in the eyes
The souls try to get free
The lusts of money and sexual needs
It explodes intimately

The call of the hunt
Of wealth and desires
Of living of fighting for a chance
To live a semblance of normalcy