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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Great image from Grom Airiss.

I have only one life
One body
To give to my country
I have many sighs
Many dreams
To share with my family
There are endless
Rivers and forest
To seek
With my loved ones
I have poems
And hymns to sing for

If we could live through this life
Not knowing about justice
If we could walk through this earth
Not knowing about freedom
Then may this ground
Under our feet
Open up
And pull us in
May the sands, the rocks
And seas
And bury us.

1 comment:

caravanserai said...

The wilderness creeping away
The world of those eyes really disappearing
On the borders crying with developments
Country spells me your name

Freedom and choices
The people chose to live or die
Defending the free way
Absolute borderless
Let the people interact

The line of civil society
The decorum and pleasantries
Of it what lies beneath
We don’t know really

Country spells me your name
Let the world know the hardship and sorrow
Of how people with power behave
Absolute submission without choices
When tyrant rules the people cry in vain

The defenders of the light
No country will get away with it
Country spells me your name
We will live or die with it