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Saturday, May 24, 2008


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I must teach you this
Religion, my love
Let's begin with the
Chapter on Solomon
How would a man respond
To a woman's wild instincts
Desires itching
Underneath her skin
I want to show you
That love between us
Is the only mission on earth
That it is holier to be my soul-mate
My friend and my lover
Than being a staunch catholic
With me, you will master
The theology of a kiss
How to capture my tongue
And chase it behind your lips
Let me convince you
That this body of mine
Is the only church
That will educate
The catechism of sense
What you will witness
When our altars collide
Is a trilogy of love, of life
And of lust
Perhaps, you do not know yet
The beatitudes of love-making
Come, I will show you
Let me baptize you
Spray my blessings over
Your fingers, your mouth
Your scent will excite me
Just trace my contours
Here, I will guide you
Give me your hands
Delve into each dent
Explore every corner
Body Braille me and
Drown with me in
A communion of love
Let me eat your body
Let me drink your wine
Let me hear you sing
Hymns of ecstasy
In our most precious names
May the breath
Of the loving spirit
Descend upon us then.

Lover, let my poems
Be your daily verses
Let my testaments lead you
Like an archangel
Let me escort you
Into new frontiers
Into realism
Far beyond the chasms
Of spiritualism
I was born into this world
As a woman of great faith
My faith in your manhood
Supercedes any mustard seed
Let me help you unearth
The tombs of your sexuality
So deeply entrenched
Below the garden on your chest
Let me carve open, let me unleash
The passions asleep
Let me unclip the wings of a dove
Quivering between your thighs
Alas! You will discover
The truth and the wisdom
The essence of being
Truly human
O, sweet child of love
This holy sacrament
Most sacred of all
Was never made known
To staunch Catholics like you.


Free Agent said...

Wow...this is amazing Suze. Loved it!

K.Kim said...

Susan The Poet! I'm seeing another side of you. You write beautifully. Love em all. Well done!