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Monday, May 26, 2008


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Love is warm, ethereal
With you as my sun
Centre of cosmos
Your planets wander graciously into
My celestial spheres
Come bathe with me beneath
Meteoric showers
Dare with me these nightly revolutions
Of flying comets, lets dance between
Wavering brightness of moon and stars
When you plunge into dark voids
Of eternity, I will be there to catch you
Love is beautiful, eternal
With you as my earth
Time has no history
And space
Has no Walls.

1 comment:

caravanserai said...

And they call it blind
In the sky in the stars
Falling snowflakes imaginative sparkles

And they call it puppy love
Warmly richly invigorating bloom
Nothing is wrong; there is no border
It peels the petals of life magical values
Glamorous, amorous, satisfying, glow

Truly there is borderless
Transcends racial line
Blurring colors gracious flow
You have it when you know

The sun beams hit everywhere
The warm heated flow on the soft skin
The moonlit shaft of ray light
Glamorously mischievous gossiping it
The softly susurrus whisper of the wind
Carrying it through the petals of grace and magic
Singing the melodious tunes
Bewitching the mind so it falls

Into the realm of reality
The sparks of romance
The cry and sorrow of broken dreams
Lying bare on the sand
Watering waves cashing on the flow
Letting there is hope somewhere else

Be it stars; be it fate
When you are in it
Let the magic glow
Let the world see how it works
The falling lighted shine
Bewitching the eyes and mind

p/s Susan.....I enjoy reading your poem. I hope you will post more when you are free.Take care.