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Saturday, May 24, 2008


If you were the shore
I would be the waves
Rushing to you
Bobbing, in cascading dances
I want to embrace you
With my loving foam
I want to mount you when the tides are high
Under Ms. Luna's bright smile
I'll drag you
And all the grains of sand
Into the ocean

Wait for me
I will come rushing
Even when the tides are low
And Ms. Luna is sad
You'll see
In moments like these
Even the rocks
Would understand my plight
My constant strife with them
As I clash and run to you

If you count the number of times
I run to you, then turning my back
But realizing my folly
I would run to you again
You will know
That even if all the heartbeats
And nerve pulses
Of the entire human race
Were strung together
Nothing can compare
To the hundreds of ways
I would come and go
Withdraw and dash
Chasing myself
Over and over again
Eternally crashing
Into your sands
If only to touch you
Embrace you
Hold you
My shore.

* waves rushing to shore.

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