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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Image from capetownskies

In the misty curtains of dawn
My soul stirs

Escaping a yawn

Wind blown images
Fade from a twilight screen

I weep

Over the death
Of my dreams.

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caravanserai said...

The dreams die
When you forget the light
In it you know it better
When you lose it
You make another one

Dawn of beautiful rays
Radiant full of hope and desire unfold
Dreams of the mind
It will take time to bear fruit

The perseverance of pursuing dreams
Nobody can help; you sink or swim with it
When you wake up every morning
You see the lighted dawn
Telling you there is another chance
To catch your dreams

Bearing in mind
Dreams to make you feeling good
The adrenalin pounding hard
You get up eager to do battle one more try

When the day is passing over
You feel tired chasing dreams die
You wonder what it will be
Dreaming it all falling down

It is the beauty of it
Dreaming about the stars
You need only one star to make it bright
So dreaming will make the day
Soothingly comforting when all else fails