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Saturday, May 24, 2008


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"With an earth like this, who needs hell...?"

These days they attack me
even in my home
why then do they say:
‘there is no place like home?’
i am robbed in my playground
raped in my school,
bombed in cinemas
bus stations
flea markets
and shopping malls
i am the target
no matter who i am
is there a safe place for me to play?
please show me the way

i need refuge
yet no place on earth is safe
your government says I can stay for awhile
yet I am harassed
in your airports

i may work for your people
yet I can be whipped
if my boss does not have my papers
from a human being
with dignity
i am reduced to an animal
they call 'the undocumented’

how can you call this place earth
for me it’s a big battle field
sometimes there are no guns
but too often i am killed
not by bullets
but ignorance
by hatred

sometimes it depends on which side you’re on
take sides they say
as the ones without sides are the ones hurt the most

so I took sides
and it seems there is no difference
except for the battle of egos

with an earth like this
who needs hell?
no one speaks anymore
all want to play safe
but to play safe for you
is to put me in danger
yet why shoud you care?
thinking of others is not compulsory
these days, such attitudes
are as scarce as the land we all seek
as elusive as the word ‘peace’

previously published in free woman.

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caravanserai said...

Homeless people
Every where you see them
Is it part of our testing?
Finding them homes so to speak

On the roads
And 5 foot ways
Sometimes in back alleys
Homeless people stay

Homes of cupboard
Zinc and plaster sheets
You find them living so pitifully
You wonder why it happen

Governments spend billions
On so many things
Yet nothing is plan
For the homeless people
Walking on the city roads

Then when you drive around
Many abandoned buildings
Unoccupied houses nobody cares
The houses just leave it there
As if it doesn’t belong

Homeless people
We can’t help them all
It is the government priority job
On social responsibility

Homeless people
The decaying of government policies
Wrong priority indifferent attitudes
Here lie the unfeeling leaders

Will there be consciousness in our times?
Of the homeless people walking around
The ills of our society
We haven’t learned much at all