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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You've come to me again.
And I, having not learnt my lesson,
Embraced you with all my heart.
We've met in different worlds
You came with different names

Tell me, are you stalking me,
or could it be that I simply cannot escape you?

Time passes and lapses
gone are a thousand faces.
Yet I have found you in the oddest of places.

How can I explain the feeling
of having met you before,
of having loved you to death
and suffered in your hands?

This history, unwritten, between us
is a history of passion and pain
A feeling that leaves me with unhealable scars
unforgetful memories,
reflections that marred my skins.

Is that why you have failed to recognise me now?

Yet you are bend on stealing my soul.
Dear God, let me drink from the water of forgetfulness
So I may recognise you no more.

Note: from Wikipedia.
Some ancient Greeks believed that souls were made to drink from the river before being reincarnated, so they would not remember their past lives.

Art: 'Lovers' by Susan Loone (2001).

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