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Saturday, August 20, 2011


I hope it satisfies you at least to call me old fashion, an old maid, and frigid
Just because I refuse to share my body with you for the mere sake of sex.
Sex you say is simply like food, a basic need, a glutton's galore
borne out of instinct, curiosity, desire.
Its activity, the sheer mashing of limbs and organs to satisfy a need.
We can still remain friends thereafter, you hint.
Instinct, desire, need...they are all pretty words BUT!
I'm sorry, I feel none for you. Creases gather over your forehead.
You asked : what then does it take to qualify for your body?
As if I am some silly competition you have to participate in and win
I say this isn't a game, and my bed, cold as it is,
is not a bloody playground
to slip under the sheets with me and share my pillow
is to melt under my skin, become a part of me, share my good and bad karma
it could be a fantasy bordering on nightmare,
But for all these, you need to skillfully touch my mind, you need to lovingly
speak to my heart, my dear heart
you have to meet me on a level playing field, at the soul level.
You must transcend the barriers of distance time and space
to meet me in a world that has no walls
and even if you could do all that, you still need to inspire in me the most
dashing element of all, which is love.
A love so bizzare and provocative
that the entire human race would catch its breath when we kiss
So...what is love, is all you could ask. You were bored already.
It's just a silly, childish notion, you say.
And this is where you are wrong.
Love is...
See, what an undescribable feeling it is!
It would only manifest itself in the realm of Magic, I say
Until you could draw me into your orbit
pull me in ways that are physical, mental, emotional and sexual
all at once, in a heartbeat
i'm afraid, your offer, to give me great pleasure, and a thousand orgasms,
is simply not tempting at all !

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