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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I don't believe in your bogeymen
Jews, Christians, Communists, Wahabis
You've been invoking their names
Whispering in my ears
But all I see in my nightmares are you
I have my own faith
I believe in myself
The more you threaten me
The more I cling to my faith
You say these bogeymen are out to colonise my country
that they would threaten my life, my security
My dreams, my livelihood
Then you throw my friends into jail
You detain even minors without trial
Your policemen beat up innocent people
Take their breath away with tear gas

Oh, don't get me started on all those who died
supposedly in your custody
Teohbenghock, Ahmadsarbaini, Aminulrasyid, Akugan,Baharudin
Do their lives mean nothing
Just a speck of dirt on your carpet?

You do nothing when prices of essential goods rise
You laugh when others are injured
You go on a shopping spree
when your citizens struggle
from hand to mouth

So when you say these bogeymen are out to get me
I just lie back and have a hearty laugh
You have become your own bogeymen
And you don't even know the difference.

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