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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Go! Go! To the mighty river
I go
Drink from the water of life
I shall
Embrace the colors of dawn
I must
The journey is long
I know
The enemy is nigh
I see
Courage, come now
My guiding light be
I'll follow the signposts of justice
Arrive in peace
I will.
So fear me not.

Note: The Bersih 2.0 rally on Saturday (Jul 9) for electoral reforms is only hours away. Many of my friends and acquaintances would brave police threat and government abuse to join the event. All they want to do is express solidarity and fight for clean and fair elections. Is that so wrong?

PM Najib, like the Monarch, could have handled the matter gracefully. But Najib chose to use brute force. Worst still, he is leaving everything in the hands of the police and going overseas tomorrow. Is that responsible? Anyway, Malaysia is now officially a police state, going by all the arrests and crackdown over the past two weeks.

This simple poem is dedicated to all those who would brave the storm and join the rally on Saturday. May the force be with you. May courage be your guiding light. And if the monsters put bars around you, remember, truth, only truth will set you free.

March on fellas!