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Sunday, July 17, 2011


THEY had come for our shirts
our ties, our banners and flags
they will now come for our pens
writers and poets like us
should fear
but we do not

THE pen is mightier than the sword!

THICKER than blood, our ink
words sharper than knives
opinions carry rays that could sting
clear the thickest fog

SWORDS may slit our throats
slice our hearts outs
and leave scars open

BUT ink that flows
from the tips of our pens
could start a revolution

FOR the message
of freedom, justice
are etched in our hearts
for generations.

CAN you stop the flow of tide?
Or the earth from spinning?

NOTHING can stop
the flow of words
Planets of ideas
spiraling around the sun
like stars, though dead, would shine
a million light years away.

SO...bring on thy swords.

SWORDS may silent
dissenting voices
fears may grow
in hearts of men
Still our pens will never run dry.
Still our words will flow
until the last blood.

Penang, 5am, Jul 18.

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