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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EO - is this law or is it politics?.

I am baffled, confused, bewildered, lost
how could anyone wage war against the king
by using t-shirts?
don’t they need guns, bullets and even bombs?
don’t they need to have an army, soldiers at least?

They were caught while travelling in a bus
They did not come in an army tank
They wore sandals, not thick black boots
They didn’t wear uniforms like your Light Strike Force!
All they had in their hands
were bottles of water
Not a riffle!
Not a hand grenade!
Not even a whistle!

Tell me, how can t-shirts and leaflets
mere textile and paper
topple the government?

Have our leaders gone crazy, psychotic, neurotic?
Are they paranoid?
Do they need psychiatric treatment?

Is the need to grip power, to rule this country
With iron bars and iron fists
For the next 50 years
Made all and sundry in Putrajaya
Go mad?

Are our leaders so weak, so demented, so frail
So insecured, so childish, such cowards?
That t-shirts and leaflets
Give them nightmares, illusions
Made them wet their pants and wet their beds?

Or are they so blind, color phobic
that yellow, the symbol for free polls
the colors of the royal garment and all its wonderful shades
blind them?

You may be blind, Sirs, you may be myopic
but tear gas and chemical laced water
unleashed on the people on Jul 9
meant to blur, to cause hurt, and paralyse their vision
have opened up their eyes!

Release the EO6! Let them go!
You have nothing on them!

Your charge is meaningless, illogical,insane
The law is devoid of all natural justice
There is no justice
In detention without trial.

Guilty before even proven!
Is this law or is this politics?

If t-shirts, leaflets alone can make you shiver
I have news for you, my dear Ministers
Wait till you hear the voice of a million bomb blast
Come the next GE…
It would be too late, too late!
Penang, 3.39pm, Jul 13, 2011, Susan Loone.

E06 is term used to describe the six Parti Sosialis Malaysia activists who are detained under the Emergency Ordinance, like the Internal Security Act, it allows for detention without trial. An archaic and draconian law left behind by the British colonialists.

The crime of EO6: public disorder, but they were merely on their way to Penang to attend a forum. They carried T-shirts (with Che Guevera's image, fashionable among youths, really) & leaflets, related to Bersih 2.0. This movement planned a big rally in KL on Jul 9, to demand for electoral reforms.

EO6 were nabbed at the Sungai Dua Toll complex and were accused of waging war against the king. But the king later gave Bersih 2.0 an audience, offering them the stadium. Prime Minister Najib Razak however did not even allow that, a clear demonstration of insulting the king.

Since the king has somehow endorsed Bersh 2.0, does the accusation of waging war against His Majesty still stick? If it doesn't, please release the EO6.

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