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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eureka !

"i have found you! i have found you!
the thought alone excites me
to know you exist in this part of the world
is a thought so amazing, divine
we breathe the same air, sleep under same stars
that is why, I had always felt you near
We may never touch base
but i know that you live, oh god, you're alive!
in this lifetime with me, on the same planet
similar time zones, only three hours away.
how precious you are, how beautiful
that i almost couldn't recognise you
but to meet you again, to be with you,
is an incredible feeling, one that surpasses
all the happiness i have known.
how i love you! adore you!
i feel like exploding
inside my heart's core
can i keep you, could i lose you?
it doesn't matter anymore.
you are alive, alive! and you are here".

susanloone, 6.34 pm, Jul 5, 2011, Penang.

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